Siri Home Kit Commands

Siri is about to become a little more useful. Apple have updated their HomeKit support page with a list of commands it will support. Some commands like unlocking doors, require your device to be unlocked, for security reasons! There is a limited list of devices that will support HomeKit currently, but this is expected to […]

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iMessage Waiting for Activation

iMessage Waiting for Activation – How to fix

iMessage, is actually something I really missed when I moved to android (dark times). iMessage’s simplicity and the way it integrates itself with the default SMS application means there is very little setup, and nothing to think about, just text away! That is of course, when iMessage activation works. Unfortunately on occasions, for example, when I purchased my new iPhone […]

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Irish Radio App

Irish RadioPlayer app for the iPhone

Irish Radioplayer is a partnership between RTÉ and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, aimed at making radio listening easier. Not only does it have all the radio stations  (43 in total, 9 of which are RTE Services and the other 34 are from the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland) but it also has a comprehensive collection […]

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Justine Ezarik

Justine Ezarik

How have I never heard of iJustine, such an amazing story… I was about to click away, but I stayed when I spotted her iPhone 6 Plus unboxing on youtube.  From what I understand, her fame came from a massive mobile bill she received (this thing came in a box!), and she filmed it on youtube, the rest […]

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iphone 6

iOS bug that lets you crash other iPhones with a single text

Don’t do this at home folks. Someone has discovered a bug, which only seems be affecting iPhone to iPhone messages –  whereby a single line of text sent in a message can cause an iPhone to reboot. Power لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗 The above is the line of code, although a reddit user reports […]

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iMessage Guide

iMessage will allow you to send unlimited free picture or text messages to another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user, assuming they have activated the service and are using iOS 5. Remember these messages count towards your data allowance, so make sure you have a price plan before using it. The most interesting thing about […]

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