The Most impressive features in iOS 10 in a simple list

Widgets – FINALLY – Swipe left from the home screen, or even from the lock screen. Redesigned Control Center, including support for 3d touch. Raise to wake. Hide stock apps – they don’t actually delete but they are hidden and their data is removed. Redesigned music app, less confusing than before. Siri Voice sounds slightly […]

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How to save space on your iPhone

How to save space on your iPhone – 6 Tips

One would suspect (hope) that from the next generation of iPhone, expected towards the end of this year, that Apple will abandon the 16 GB version of the iPhone – Even with cloud and streaming services, once you have a few apps and games on your iPhone, it is not long until you need to save […]

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Pocket Platform

Pocket for iPhone

Pocket for iPhone is an application, where you wonder how you survived this long without it! Essentially, it is a bookmarking application, but it is more that that too. Bookmarks are too 90’s for this little application – Pocket for iPhone, allows you to tag your bookmarks and when you return to the application you can access […]

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How to save iPhone battery life with low power mode

It seems, over time the battery performance on your iPhone degrades, one theory suggests this relates to the regular security patches and upgrades. While some of these updates can improve the functionality of the iPhone software, they can also significantly impact the iPhone battery life.  So is there an easy way to mitigate or reduce the power drain. […]

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iPhone 4s

They say ‘it’s whats on the inside that counts’. At least that’s what Apple would have you believe, and I suppose there not wrong. The iPhone 4s, will punch harder than the iPhone 4 but will physically look the same. As fanyboys shake off their disillusionment over lack of an iPhone 5, lets take stock […]

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iPhone 5/4s event to take place October 4th. (CONFIRMED)

Apple have issued invitations to the media for an iPhone themed event – called “Let’s talk iPhone“. As reported by Jim Dalrymple of the Loop who snapped up a fancy invite. Although not specifically mentioning the iPhone 5/4s, it’s a widely expected Apple will announce it.  The event, as noted here previously, will be held […]

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A voice interface that works; on the way with iPhone 5?

According to a report on the internet today, this year Apple will change the way we talk (or don’t talk – I mean who uses  Voice Control? – very few) to our iPhone. This new voice control feature of iOS will be called Assistant, and unlike most voice control devices today – it may actually […]

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